Friday, June 12, 2015


Happy Friday!!

Oh, and did I mention it is THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL {insert happy dance}! I love teaching, I love my students, and even all of the end-of-year craziness, but this teacher is ready for summer vacation! 

It has been a tough year. I'm hoping to relax, re-charge, and try not to spend all my summer prepping for next school year. In fact, I'm still loving my room decor, so I'm going to keep most of it up for the up-coming school year. I have never done this. Never. This will definitely add at least another week to my vacation. All you teachers out there know how long it takes to hang all new paper, borders, and not to mention the small fortune we spend on this stuff! I'll probably add a few new small touches {stay tuned for #madeitmonday}...but most of it is staying up for round two!

The walls still look great, right? Thanks to my handy-dandy chalkboard clothespins I made last summer, this bulletin board has no holes in it!!
Really, these wall pins are a wall saver:)!

Speaking of adding extra time to my summer vacation...I have spent a lot of time lately prepping for the first few weeks of school! This will save me so much time this summer. I've photocopied everything I'll need for the first month or so, prepped for Back To School Night, and even prepped the first couple of art projects I have planned! I know, you're thinking I'm crazy...but all the small things like putting pencil boxes together, beginning of the year student gifts, prepping morning work binders, and creating name plates will sneak up on you very quickly! So, I love to have as much done and prepped as I can. I'm a planner:).

Back To School Night...check!

Beginning of the year math centers all prepped...check!

I think I'm about ready to enjoy my summer! But, first, a cute lil' end of the year activity I did with the kiddos!

We are LOOKING forward to summer!

Happy summer!!!