Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Cookies, Stockings, & Snowmen!

Wheeewwww! It has been a busy couple of weeks! I'm so happy to be on Christmas break {hopefully I can find some time to relax}!

This year, a couple of teacher friends and I took on the task of putting on the Christmas program. It was a blast! The students and families were so appreciative of all our hard work. Here are some pictures of our adventures along the way:).

Adventures with the golf cart:)!
Wall decorations! 

Isn't our entrance adorable?!

Those trees you see in the middle are made from fabric! We used white fabric for the back and patterned fabric to make the trees. One of our really awesome first grade teachers helped sew it together for us {the Christmas committee doesn't know how to sew:)}! 
We also used fabric to make all the ornaments and trees around the gym. We attached them to the paper with duct tape. Maybe next year we'll get them all on fabric backdrops:).

The program turned out fantastic! It was definitely worth all the hard work. 

We also had a Christmas character dress up day at work! Guess who I was?

Mrs. Frosty! The kiddos loved my outfit...they asked if I could wear my tutu all the time. I love first graders:).

Anyone like cookies with their frosting? Room 16 does! 

Every year, before Christmas break, my grandma used to decorate  cookies with the kiddos. I had decided I wasn't going to do it this year because I had been so busy with the Christmas program. I was exhausted. But, it was pulling at my heart strings. I ended up at the grocery store, twice, the evening before the last day of school. I knew gram would want me to decorate the cookies with the kids. They had a blast and I was reminded of all the sweet memories I had of gram in my classroom. 

My grandma also always made stockings for my students at Christmas time. This year, my mom and I made the stockings. I'll forever be reminded of the kind-hearted person that gram was. She just loved watching the kids' faces light up when she walked in with all those stockings! I think my mom enjoyed it just as much this year. This is just one of the memories of gram I'll always hold dear to my heart.

My class was also adopted by a local pediatrician's office. My aunt, who works at the pediatrician's office, set it up so that each person in her office adopted one of my students for Christmas. It was like Christmas morning in room 16 this week!

My students were truly blessed this year!

Before heading off to winter break we made these cute lil' snowmen. I had to have the walls ready for January when we got back:).

I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Holiday Parent Gifts

Can you believe I'm blogging on a Monday?  More importantly, can you believe there are only four days left until Christmas vacation?
Are you still looking for cute {inexpensive} parent gift ideas?

I'm going to very quickly share what I've come up with this year! 

As I was perusing Pinterest last week, I saw some adorable holiday cards. I was quickly inspired! I decided to turn one of the cards into a tile. The best part is the tiles only cost 16 cents at Home Depot! I got enough for my entire class for under $4.00! 

The only other supplies you will need are puffy paint, glitter glue, and a black paint pen. I already had all of these on hand...which made it even better!

The kiddos wrote Merry Christmas, their name, and the year with the paint pen. I drew the squiggly line, and the kids painted their fingers to make fingerprints as the lights. We added a tiny bit of glitter glue to the top of each light. Easy-peasy!

There you have it-a cute lil' keepsake! 

Have a great week!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Snowflake Is Here!

Hello Saturday!

It has been one crazy, busy, fun week! We had rainy day schedules, colder weather, and a visitor from The North Pole! Yes, the big guy at The North Pole decided to send one of his cute lil' helpers to room 16, to help promote positive classroom behavior during this holiday season! He might cause a little mischief and have some fun while he's at it:). Meet Snowflake, our classroom elf!

He arrived from The North Pole on Monday. I may have stuck him in the freezer and froze him over night:). If he was coming from The North Pole, the box had to be cold, right:)?!

Don't mind my messy freezer:).
The kiddos were filled with excitement when they saw this box sitting in the middle of our classroom Monday morning. They were even more excited when they found out it had come all the way from The North Pole!

Yes, by Thursday, Snowflake needed chocolate as much as the teacher did:). It looks like our elf loves taking "elfies," I mean selfies, too!

We spent some time learning about reindeer this week! No, not Santa's reindeer. I have this cute reindeer craft to share with you! I did, however, forget to take pictures of our reindeer books and reports. It was a busy week:).

Aren't these the sweetest? I used scrapbook paper to make the antlers and nose.

We also started receiving some of our gingerbread men this week from our gingerbread man exchange!

This week, our anthology story was all about masks and mask making in various parts of the world. The kiddos begged me to make masks all week! So, on Friday we made elf masks:).

Oh, look! You can see our reindeer reports in the back! See, we don't just craft all the time:-).

That's all I have for you this week! I'm off to run errands and preparations for our Christmas program!

Happy Saturday!