Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Giveaway Time!

I'm back! Two posts in one week...I must be on vacation:-)! I just wanted to share how excited I am to have my Winter Math Activities and Centers included in Easy Teaching Tool's big November giveaway! All the fun starts tomorrow!
Giveaway ends on December 1st
I don't know about you, but this school year is flying by.  I feel like I was just prepping Thanksgiving centers and I'm already rushing to get December centers and activities ready.  Holy moly, is it vacation yet???
Here's what all 26 of us came up with!  You can click on the photo to see more.  All you have to do is enter the Rafflecopter below!  Ready, set, go!!!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Gobble Gobble Gobble!

Whewwww....I feel like I haven't blogged in forever! It was such a busy month and couldn't seem to find any extra time to squeeze into my busy schedule. Not to worry, I'm on Thanksgiving break for the week and have plenty of time now (well, in between my crafting projects and shopping for Christmas decorations-I'm obsessed)! 

Here are a few of the projects we completed in the month of November:
We created these turkeys at the beginning of the month to help us with our "Lost Turkey" writing. The kids absolutely loved these. I walked them through each step of drawing the turkey in pencil (as you can see, they all still turned out very different). After they sketched it out in pencil, they went over it in sharpie, and then water-colored them.
After each turkey was painted the kids created a graphic organizer that described their turkeys. We worked on adjectives-so this was perfect! We pretended that all our turkeys were "lost" and they had to describe them with enough detail that someone would be able to find their turkey. They quickly realized that "My turkey is colorful" wasn't going to work. They learned to be specific and came up with some great descriptive sentences!
Drafting-Using Step Up to Writing.
Final draft!
The kiddos also wrote about what they were thankful for. This was part of a school wide writing contest this month. They sponge painted the leaves to make them a lil' more cutesy:).
On Friday, we created turkeys! I forgot to take pictures of the final product-but they were super cute! 
Our class was also gobbled the last week of school! So, of course we had to "gobble" another classroom! The kids had so much fun this! The look on their faces after we were gobbled was priceless!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 11, 2013

New Blog Design!

Im so excited to show off my new blog design! I recently joined the "blogging world," and had no idea how much I would end up enjoying it! I've gathered so many cool ideas from other bloggers and have truly been inspired! I hope to do the same for other teachers! I decided I needed a blog with all bells and whistles. I now have links to my TPT store (which I also recently started), personalized button, signature, and a link to my Instagram. I'm sure I'll discover much more to add to my blog....but I'm definitely a happy camper for now!

Here is a pic of my latest creation (that I am beyond excited about)! It is also posted in my TPT store. If you are planning to do Elf on the Shelf with your class or are in need of holiday themed activities, you can pick it up {here}. I also have a new first grade November math pack that you can pick up {here}.

Happy Veteran's Day!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Candy Craze!

The candy craze is over....I hope:)! Halloween with first graders was a lot of fun! We had so many activities going on this week at school with red ribbon week and Halloween. There was lots of excitement in room 16!

As part of red ribbon week, each classroom decorated their door with a slogan. Here was our door:
We had several other activities to go a long with red ribbon week....but I forgot to take pictures:(. 

On Wednesday, I attended an all day staff development. The speaker had this awesome train whistle that he used to get our attention. Being a first grade teacher....I knew I had to have it:)! So...here it is! When I blow the train whistle the kids all say, "All aboard!" Then, they freeze and are quiet. No, the speaker did not have a room full of adults shouting "all aboard"....that was my little touch:). The kids absolutely LOVE it!

Tuesday night, we had our first ever trunk-or-treat at our school. It was so much fun! Here is a pic of me and one of my teacher friends in our glow in the dark pumpkin glasses!:) First grade teachers rock!

Here's what Halloween looked like in room 16:

Aren't first graders adorable?!

Where is the teacher?!

Math Halloween centers:

Pumpkin poems:

Halloween was a success! In case you were still wondering:):

Here was my little pumpkin..all ready for the trick-or-treaters!

On to another topic....I recently started my TPT store. I finished up my November math pack this week. You can pick it up {here}.

Have a great weekend!