Friday, April 10, 2015

How-To: Artsy Spring Trees

Spring is definitely here! 

To help celebrate the beautiful weather and brighten up our classroom, we created these "artsy spring trees!" I saw something similar on Pinterest, so thank-you again, Pinterest. The best part...they are COMPLETELY student created! I didn't prep any of the pieces for them and let them get as creative as they wanted! I did get some initial moans and groans from the kiddos about having to cut out all the pieces. Most of the kids wanted me to cut out the trunk/branches for them. I told them they were the artists:). 

Here are step by step instructions on how we created these "artsy spring trees."

Step 1:
Most of the kiddos decided to draw a template before cutting.

Step 2:
Glue down the tree.

Step 3:
Cut slits in a strip of green construction paper to use as grass.

Step 4: 
Glue down the grass over the tree.

Step 5: 

This step was definitely the most difficult for the kiddos. The kids will need to cut three different sized circles and layer them. I gave each student three different colors of construction paper. They will need to create 6-8 layered circles for the tree.

Step 6: 
Glue down the layered circles.

Step 7:
Glitter time! In case you are wondering, no, I don't let my firsties put the glitter on themselves:).

Here are some examples of our finished products!

They are full of personality! My little artists definitely enjoyed this project!

Happy Friday:)!