Sunday, September 13, 2015


Hi everyone! Here is my Five For Friday, on Sunday! I'm going to warn you...this post is completely random. But, hey, isn't that what Five for Friday is for? 

I feel like it has been forever since I blogged! Life has been....well, a little crazy! I think all of us teachers can relate. 

I made these fun little treats for my grade level team to start the year out! Aren't they fun?!
We started the year with one of my absolute favorite projects, Elmer! Elmer is a cute lil' elephant that discovers just how special he is! 
Apple season has started in room 16! We started off with the lifecycle of an apple tree and will be working our way to learning all about Johnny Appleseed at the end of the month! You can find lots of fun activities in my Apple pack

Here is the start of our writing and a cute apple craft, by one of my teacher besties, Jessica.

More apple fun coming your way this month!

Our class received some awesome donations of school supplies this year! My mom and Curves gym made my kiddos very happy! We took this picture to show our appreciation to all
those who donated!

This is totally not school related....but I am super excited to have my house decorated for fall! Nevermind that it's still 90 degrees outside:).

Have a great week!