Friday, April 10, 2015

How-To: Artsy Spring Trees

Spring is definitely here! 

To help celebrate the beautiful weather and brighten up our classroom, we created these "artsy spring trees!" I saw something similar on Pinterest, so thank-you again, Pinterest. The best part...they are COMPLETELY student created! I didn't prep any of the pieces for them and let them get as creative as they wanted! I did get some initial moans and groans from the kiddos about having to cut out all the pieces. Most of the kids wanted me to cut out the trunk/branches for them. I told them they were the artists:). 

Here are step by step instructions on how we created these "artsy spring trees."

Step 1:
Most of the kiddos decided to draw a template before cutting.

Step 2:
Glue down the tree.

Step 3:
Cut slits in a strip of green construction paper to use as grass.

Step 4: 
Glue down the grass over the tree.

Step 5: 

This step was definitely the most difficult for the kiddos. The kids will need to cut three different sized circles and layer them. I gave each student three different colors of construction paper. They will need to create 6-8 layered circles for the tree.

Step 6: 
Glue down the layered circles.

Step 7:
Glitter time! In case you are wondering, no, I don't let my firsties put the glitter on themselves:).

Here are some examples of our finished products!

They are full of personality! My little artists definitely enjoyed this project!

Happy Friday:)!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Busy! Busy!

Hello, it has been a while! I feel like my lil' blog has been neglected the past few weeks. What that really means is that this teacher has been super busy! Busy is good, right?! Here's an update of the happenings in room 16!

March is one of the busiest months of the school year! We have The Young Author's Faire, The Art Faire, Open House, and let's not forget about St. Patrick's Day! Here is what my class submitted for The Art Faire! 

We started with a canvas and painters tape.
Finger painting!
Here's what it looked like when we removed the tape:)!

Did I also mention it was also safety month? Here is our decorated door for the door banner contest. 
I loved the way it turned out!

We also celebrated St. Patrick's Day with a few projects:

I'm in love with directed drawings-such a fun way to teach step by step instructions!
Lil' leprechauns!

I tried a new project this year...watercolor spray painting! The kids had a blast! It was pretty simple...plastic stencils, paper, and water-color spray.
Yes, it does make a mess:).

Artists in the making!

We also had Open House this month! Here are a few things I had set out for the families {along with lots of the kiddo's work}.

Before my kiddos headed off to spring break, they received a VERY special surprise! A local pediatrician's office sponsored each child in my class and brought them all Easter baskets! The kids were ecstatic!

I'm off to enjoy the rest of my spring break!