Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Teacher is on Vacation!

Like most teachers, I've been enjoying my vacation to the fullest! I recently got back from Hawaii with the hubby. We visited Maui and the Big Island this year-although I wasn't in love with the Big Island. Maui on the other hand...complete paradise! In Maui, we spent a day ATV'ing up mountains and cliffs with some pretty awesome views (Jurassic park style-lol)! We did lots of snorkeling and went on a dolphin adventure where we were surrounded by hundreds of cute little spinner dolphins! I completed my first seven line zip line and almost lost my finger-don't worry I'm okay! It was completely awesome. On the Big Island, we visited the Kilauea Volcano. It's the only active volcano on the island. I hiked through a lava tube and around parts of the volcano. The best part was seeing the lava flow at night, under the stars! Of course this gave me some spectacular photo opps (if you don't already know how much I enjoy taking pictures-you'll find out soon enough). The highlight of the trip for me was definitely the manta ray night dive. If you ever visit the Big Island, you must do it! Let me say it again-you must do it. It was absolutely incredible. You will come face to face and rub bellies with these gentle giants. Ok, I might have been a little nervous at first. But, once I was in the water a few minutes all the nerves went away. I was really bummed my underwater camera wasn't able to capture this moment. I need to upgrade my underwater camera for night time filming. Did I already mention how absolutely amazing this dive was??

I came home to a heat wave of over 100 degree weather-oh how I missed my Hawaiian weather! I didn't have to suffer the heat for too long; I headed to the coast with my mom for a few days. Summer vacation is quickly coming to an end (sigh). I've already started thinking about my classroom set up and planning for the upcoming year. Bring on the new school year!

Here are a few pics from my trip:

Big Sand Beach
Spinner Dolphins

Before ziplining 

Daytime crater 

Night time crater 

My favorite snorkeling spot-Honolua Bay

What teacher doesn't enjoy buying books for their classroom on vacation?

My new favorite treat-papaya & passion fruit...delish!!!


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