Friday, December 20, 2013

Vacation Is Here!

I'm exhausted. 

I can't believe I'm attempting to blog right now. I've had such a fun and busy week! Not to mention I just made about 50 cake pops. Yes, it's 11:00. I must be crazy! And tired. 

I have a very long to-do list for the next few days and blogging was on it! I wanted to share all (or maybe just some) of the awesome things we did this week (before life gets too hectic with all the holiday fun). 

Our week started off with the Christmas program. Our kids were awesome! They sang Jingle Bells. The kiddos shook jingle bells in their hands as they sang. They were adorable!

Our elf got into some mischief this week. Here are a couple pictures of our adventures with Candy Cane this week. 
I must admit, I was a teeny tiny bit sad taking down all the Christmas decorations after school today. I had so much fun with the kiddos this month. I absolutely love Christmas...and elf on the shelf:). Candy Cane brought each student a brand new book and goody bag this morning. The kids were over the moon excited! Here is one of the firsties enjoying his new book:
The kids also got some other very special treats today (my mom & gram spoil my students every year:)) that they were VERY excited about! I'll spare you all the pictures:). Here's just one:
I know I promised to share our polar bear writing & craft that we finally finished up this week. Here it is! Aren't they cute?!
Here are some Christmas trees the kids made today. They were very simple but cute. I made the circles out of scrapbook paper. The kids practiced overlapping the circles. 
The kids made some Christmas cards to go with their ornament gifts for their parents.
Another exciting moment today....cookie decorating! I save this station just for my grandma every year:) (she volunteers in our classroom two days a week)! The kids LOVE it...and so does gram:).
Oh, I almost forgot...the best part of staff development on Wednesday! We made gingerbread houses. Teachers love doing stuff like this. We also wore ugly Christmas sweaters and ate A LOT of food!

Ok, I think that's all for now. My bed is calling my name! Good night! Happy three weeks of vacation! Woo-hoo!