Friday, August 22, 2014

Back At It!

Back to school! 

Can you believe it?! The first week of school is complete!

I'm still having a hard time believing it's already that time again. Back to school has been really tough on me this year. I lost my grandma unexpectedly a few weeks ago. She has volunteered in my classroom two days a week for the last three years. So, putting my classroom together and starting back to school this year has been pretty rough. I miss her so much and will remember all the love and joy she brought to me and the kiddos. She always read my blog posts and would call me after she read it. I sure will miss those phone calls. She's probably smiling down on me right now as I'm writing this:).

Thankfully, I had a few amazing teacher friends who helped me come back to school and hang all my paper and borders! 


Here is my Five for Friday and classroom reveal {With My Carolina Classroom's linky party} this year!

Here is our math meeting/carpet time area. I'm loving my new chair:). I also re-did the fabric on my crate seats.

Writing wall & word wall
These frames are my favorite:))!

Here's my "Teacher Spot!" I'll hang all my important teacher papers know, schedules, reminders, and pictures. Yes, pictures are important:). I'm loving my bunting letters made by Lessons with Coffee!! She is awesome!!

Isn't this teacher wreath the cutest? My aunt got it for me before school started. I think it looks great on my desk!

Ok, we had to take first day of school
pictures! I made this frame for the kids to use, isn't it cute?! 

Don't worry...I took my beginning of the year picture too:).

Here's our picture wall! Sorry it's blurry, I had to blur the faces. Can you tell I'm obsessed with my new bunting letters:)?!

I know that was number 5...but here's number 5 1/2. :)

Jitter Juice!! What's the beginning of the year without Jitter Juice?! I read this book to the kiddos every year. Last year, I found this awesome "jitter juice" activity from Babbling Abby. The kids love it! 

I hope you enjoyed my classroom reveal. What back to school activities do you do with your students?