Friday, August 29, 2014

Week Two!

Hello Friday!

I'm starting to believe what they say: There's no tired like teacher tired! I'm
exhausted. It's been a long week.

Despite my Friday exhaustion, we did have some fun this week:)! Here's my Five For Friday!
1. Here are our back-to-school self portraits that I forgot to share with you all last week. Aren't they adorable? They are one of my favorite back to school projects. It really let's me see who can cut, glue, and follow directions:).

2. This is my absolute favorite beginning of the year activity! I read the story, Elmer. Then, the kids write about what makes them special and create an Elmer. Meet Elmer, the elephant:).

3. Next up...number bonds! Math has been quite the struggle this week. But, we are making progress. Progress is good:). I had to throw out what I had "planned" and get creative (sorta)! Each student worked with their own number bond and manipulated the beans, which seemed to make it a little easier. I also made these simplified recording sheets. Stay tuned for more number bond fun next week...

4. We used some of our new math skills to help out with this cute little activity created by Melissa Machan (you can find it for free in her TPT store).  Hopefully my firsties were able to see how math relates to real life:).

5. Last, but definitely not least...number 5! This week, my first ever Donors Choose project was accepted and funded in less than 24 hours!! Our class will be getting an iPad! I am beyond grateful! The kids are going to be so excited! I already submitted my second project in hopes of receiving a couple more iPads for the classroom. It was very refreshing to see that there are people out there who value education and are willing to give so generously. Room 16 is truly blessed.

Happy three day weekend!