Friday, November 7, 2014

Hello Four Day Weekend!

 I'm finally linking up again with Doodle Bugs Teaching!

Sniffle, cough, sneeze. It's that time of the year. I may not have much of a voice...but I made it! No substitute. Just a teacher with no voice most of the week. We all know it's much easier to go to work than plan for a sub:). I got through the week on a bag of cough drops and some airborne. I'll have four days to recover now. Yes, a four day weekend for me!! Yippee! Can you tell I'm just a little bit excited:)?
We began the transition from Halloween decor to Thanksgiving this week! I'm secretly excited (shhh...don't tell my firsties). I'm not really into the bats and spider decor. So...turkeys it is! Aren't these adorable?! They are so full of personality. Although each kiddo had the same turkey parts, they seemed to put them together just a little different. We also did some turkey themed writing. I wasn't sure if the kiddos were going to finish the writing this week. It was one of "those weeks" {sigh..}. I know all of you teachers out there can relate. I'm blaming the Halloween candy:-). But, any-hoo...we got our writing done!

First grade writing in progress!

This month is "responsibility" month at our school! Next week, we are having a door decorating contest. With it only being a three day week, I decided we better get it done this week. Did I mention I have a four day weekend:)? I really wanted to touch on Veteran's Day with my students, so I decided to incorporate it into our door decorations! I love how our door turned out! We are responsible lil' soldiers! I don't have a handy dandy template to share with you. I just cut everything out by hand...tracing random bowls and cups around my room for sizing. 

Speaking of Veteran's Day, I'm so excited about winning Cara Carroll's Veteran's day pack! We will definitely be putting some of this to good use next week:)!
Next up...Common Core math! Math has been really tough for my firsties this year. It's a big change from what they are used to doing. Unfortunately, our current math curriculum doesn't always meet the needs of all my students. So, I created this pack to help more of my students become successful. Click here for some freebie pages from this pack. If you're interested in the entire pack, click here.

Happy Friday!