Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sweets, Treats, and Excitement!

It's time for Five for Friday!

Yes, I know, it's Sunday. Last week feels like a whirlwind! With all the Valentine's Day craziness....blogging just didn't make it off my to-do list!
We'll start with Valentine's Day. That was definitely the highlight of the week for the kiddos. I'll start by sharing this picture. 
I looked up sometime after lunch and noticed this wall. All my perfectly straight papers were now crooked and just barely hanging on! I'm not sure when or how this happened. My guess is sometime between Valentine's Day excitement and even more Valentine's Day excitement! The kids were so excited to pass out valentines the moment they got to school:)! Not to worry, this wall came down right after school. We all know I wouldn't last another day with wrinkled and crooked papers hanging on the wall.

Enough about wrinkled papers...moving on to Love, Splat. The kids LOVED this book so much! So, you guessed it...a Splat craft! 
Aren't they the cutest?!
Ok, it's confession time. I'm a teacher. Teachers are supposed to create cute little goodie bags for all of their kiddos for each holiday (which I always do) or special event. Not only are we "supposed to" but we absolutely love every second of it! This Valentine's Day, I didn't make a cute bag, or cupcake, or design a cutesy bag topper. I was completely exhausted last week! So, I took a trip to the Savemart bakery. My firsties got these treats and several cutesy crafts throughout the week:).
It wasn't so bad. The kids loved the treats! They didn't even notice that their goodies didn't come in a bag with a cutesy bag topper:).
With all the Valentine's Day excitement last week, I did mange to put together these Valentine's Day goodies for my grade level team!

My grandma comes and volunteers in my classroom a couple of days each week. The kids adore her! They wanted to make her a Valentine. So, we came up with this cute lil' mug. I saw the idea on Pinterest. It was actually very easy! The kids doodled on the mug with Sharpie and then I baked it in the oven for 30 minutes. Easy-peasy! 

We couldn't forget President's Day this week!

Have a great rest of the weekend!