Friday, February 28, 2014

Brusha Brusha! Brushing Up On Adjectives!

Hello Friday, again. I feel like these weeks are flying by faster and faster! Here's my Five for Friday this week!
We spent a lot of time working with adjectives this week! We created some amazing, colorful, awesome, spectacular projects this week. Did I use enough adjectives?! We created these toothbrushes that described how their teeth feel after brushing. Of course, the kiddos couldn't resist running around (I mean walking quietly, we NEVER run around the classroom haha!) pretending to brush their teeth with these enormous toothbrushes:).
We also created these flower pots. The kids wrote adjectives that described flowers on the petals. These sure brightened up our classroom:)!

I LOVE our door:).

The kids also worked on adjective books throughout the week. I hope to upload this to my TPT store as a freebie (soon).

We spent most of the week reviewing various math standards this week. I was so impressed that my firsties were able to create their own word problems and represent the problem in multiple ways. This is HUGE for my kiddos!

Who loves cookies?! Room 16 does (or maybe just the teacher). As part of the new Common Core standards, first graders now have to write opinion pieces. The kids wrote about which cookies are the best, in their opinion. Here's how the final copies turned out.

Aren't those cookies so cute?!

New centers, hot off the press! The kids loved my new spring themed math centers! They focused on ten more and ten less, measurement, adding 3 numbers...and much much more!

Dr. Seuss Day is next Monday! We started preparing for "Seuss Day" by reading several Dr. Seuss books this week! The kids loved them. Who doesn't love these books?! Stay tuned for all of our Seuss-tastic fun next week! I have a lot to prep this weekend:).

That was our week in a nutshell! Happy Friday!