Friday, April 25, 2014

A Sweet Week!

It's time for my Five For Friday....yes, I know, it's Thursday. Is that even allowed? I'm headed to New Mexico in the morning for my brother's graduation from Physician's Assistant school! Isn't that awesome?! We are all so proud of him. So, blogging definitely won't be on my agenda for the weekend.

I couldn't leave you hanging...I'm sure you've all been wondering what room 16 has been up to this week:)! So, here's my Five For Friday (on Thursday).
We came back to school on Tuesday from spring break! The kids were so happy to be back and told me all about their adventures over break and how much they missed me. Have I mentioned how adorable first graders can be? Tuesday was also Earth Day! We talked about all the ways we can show love to the Earth! 

...Yes, of course we did a craft:)! Not without reading an Earth day book and completing a mini writing assignment first. After all, what kind of teacher would just have their students painting and crafting on a Tuesday morning after vacation:)? Hehe.
See, look at all that writing:)! I bet you were thinking we just spent the morning crafting, didn't you:)? You can pick up that cutesy writing template here.
After helping the kiddos with the directed drawings we got out the water colors!
Aren't these sweet?!
Artists in the making!
Happy Earth Day!
Wednesday was my birthday. I have the BEST grade level team who made my birthday extra special! This is what our grade level PLC meeting looked like:
My grandma (Gram as we all call her) volunteers in my classroom every week! The kids LOVE her!! She recently had knee surgery so she's been out for a few weeks. She surprised the kiddos by bringing cupcakes to celebrate my birthday! She was greeted with lots of hugs, smiles, and cards! So sweet. 
Cupcake party outside! 
Fractions, fractions, fractions! We worked so much on halves and fourths this week! Here are a few of the math activities from the week!
Each student was given a cookie that they had to decorate. Then, they had to cut it into two equal parts. After they figured out how to create two halves they had to find a friend to share half of their cookie with.

Next up... Sharing cookies equally within a group! The kiddos figured out really quick what the word equal meant. They all wanted to make sure they ended up with the same number of cookies. Without giving too many directions, I placed a pile of cookies at each group and told them they needed to give each group member an equal number of cookies. It was very interesting watching the various ways each group divided up the cookies.

It's time for pizza! I gave the kids all the "ingredients" to make a pizza. Once the kiddos made their pizzas they had to figure out how to slice their pizza into fourths. 

Hard at work!

Last, but not least...a little impromptu shaving cream spelling! The kiddos needed some extra practice this week!

Much more fun than using pencils:)!

I'm tired. It's time for bed. Look, it's after midnight...which means it's Friday! 

Happy Five For Friday!