Friday, April 4, 2014

An Egg-cellent Week!

It's after school. I'm sitting here in my classroom preparing for parent conferences next week. Well, I was. I took a blogging break. Blogging is much more fun, right?!

Here is my Five For Friday this week!

We started the week off with Open House! It was so much fun watching my little firsties show off their work to their parents! Almost all of my kids came. I may have used some incentives to get them all there:). I had a basket full of goodies up for raffle, a book mark making station, and picture collage made for each kiddo to take home! The picture collage was definitely the highlight!

Here are some of the parents creating a bookmark with their kids. We are always promoting reading:)!
This week I was able to add a couple new math stations to our math center time. I added my telling time center and this awesome solid figure center. We just started solid figures this week-more fun to come this next week!
This week we did some "egg-cellent" writing! The kiddos had to decide which eggs they thought were better; hard-boiled eggs or plastic? After they finished their final drafts the kids decorated a "cracked egg" and glued it to each end of their paper. They thought this was pretty awesome and that they had the coolest teacher, ever! 
Who likes marshmallows?! Room 16 does! We actually used marshmallows and toothpicks to create cubes this week as we learned about solid figures. My little firsties know all about vertices now! The fact that our math lesson was taught with marshmallows made it "super fun" (according to one of my students)! The kids did a great job with the marshmallows. There was no sampling. No throwing marshmallows. No biting the ends of the marshmallows off. Ok, maybe there was a little sampling and I may have noticed one flying across the room. But, they are first graders. They did awesome! More importantly, they can build and describe solid figures!
So focused!
Look at these lil' guys helping each other!
My number five doesn't exactly have to do with my classroom. I was asked to make a table centerpiece for a parent dinner at our high school. So, if you're ever in need of an educational themed centerpiece, here's an idea!

Have an awesome weekend!