Monday, April 14, 2014

Spring Fever!

It's my first official day of spring break! It was really nice not hearing my alarm clock go off at 5:30am this morning. I don't have any big exciting plans for the week. Just relax. I think those are the best kinds of vacations!

Last week was a busy week! We had parent conferences, I had laryngitis, pink eye, and I think every kiddo had a case of "spring fever!" :)

This month is "safety month" at our school. The kids have been learning about ways they can stay safe on and off campus. Here is our door banner for our school-wide contest.

We also finished up our unit in solid & plane figures this week! The kiddos were able to use all the plane figures they learned about to create these awesome robots! I was very impressed with their creativity. I didn't give them an example ahead of time because I wanted to see what they could create all on their own! Didn't they turn out awesome?!

Look at the creativity!
Meet "Frozenfly!"
Meet "Frozen!" Can you tell my little firsties are obsessed with Frozen?:)
So cute:)!
Last, but not least, meet Sebastian!:)

I couldn't let the kids go home on Friday without some kind of cutesy craft for spring. I saw this cute idea on Pinterest that used pom pom balls to decorate eggs. It was awesome...and super easy!
Here's the set-up!

Happy spring break!!:)