Saturday, September 27, 2014

Room 16 Has Turned Into An Apple Orchard!

Apples, apples, apples!

My classroom has officially turned into an apple orchard! If that means cooler weather, boots, and leggings...I'm okay with it. Fall is here {well, almost-it's 78 degrees today}! 

We have had so much apple fun the past couple of weeks! Before we could start our very first opinion writing piece of the year, we had to do an apple taste test! How can you really decide without a taste test? Plus, kids LOVE food! Yes, first graders will write for apples:)!
The results are in...
I'm always surprised that green apples are the favorite. I'm partial to red:).
We brainstormed some descriptive words before the kids started writing.

Now that I've prepped you for these awesome opinion pieces...I'm sad to say that I forgot to take pictures of them! Sad, I know. They are cute little apple cut pages with matching apple color construction paper. They look awesome on our writing wall:). 

This week, we spent a lot of time learning about Johnny Appleseed! This meant informational writing, craftivities, and lots of apple food! 

I wanted to start the week off with something "different" to get the kids excited about Johnny Appleseed this week. What could be more exciting to a seven year old than walking in Monday morning and seeing a juicer on the counter!? Okay, maybe they weren't excited until they knew they'd be using this unfamiliar looking machine to make HOMEMADE apple juice! Yes, we juiced apples. A lot of apples. 

Delicious! Better than store bought:)!

We also made mini caramel apples! These were definitely a big hit. Aren't they cute? They'd be perfect for a fall or Halloween party.

Last, but not least...homemade applesauce! This is my favorite! Primarily, because it makes my room smell absolutely delicious:). 
Here we are putting all the ingredients together:).

Here they are mashing the apples {the fun part}!
Look, you can see our opinion writing hanging in the back:).
 Aren't the hats cute? We couldn't make applesauce without hats:).

Okay, we don't just eat food all day. I promise. We were able to work some science in this week (and hopefully a little more next week).

We also squeezed in some time for this cutesy craft from Smitten with First.

Last, but not least, we turned our informational Johnny Appleseed writing into these cute lil' craftivities.

Wheeeeew! That was a lot of apple fun! Stay tuned for more fun next week:)!

Happy Saturday!