Friday, October 10, 2014

Hello October!

Well, it is starting to look like October in room 16...that is until you walk outside and realize it's still 100 degrees outside! Despite the lack of cool weather, the October transformation has begun! We started our spider unit this week. Now, I'm not a huge fan of spiders, or any insect for that matter...but I did find a few ways to "cutesy" it up a bit:)!

Welcome to spider week!
We kicked off the week with these adorable spider hats! Yes, we did a spider craft on a Monday:)!
The kids absolutely loved putting these hats together-after we read our spider books, of course (you can see them hiding under the spiders). We don't just craft and make cutesy hats all the time-I promise:). The kids LOVED them so much that I had several kids bring them back to school on Tuesday to wear:)! 

We did some informational writing on spiders this week and turned our writing into these "not-so creepy" spiders. Cute, right?

We also learned some new vocabulary this week! 
I am not an artist-which explains this drawing:).

Ok, I saved the best for last!! Are you ready for it?!

Spider cookies!!

I prepped all the parts-which included cutting all 168 legs out of licorice:). This made it quick and easy for the kids to assemble.

Definitely a big hit with the kiddos:)!

Stay tuned for more October fun next week!