Friday, February 27, 2015

Gettin' Creative!

Spring fever is in full force in room 16! I've really had to pull out all the teacher tricks to keep the kiddos engaged and out of trouble:). I blame this beautiful weather we've been having:).

I only have a couple of things to share with you. I didn't take many pictures this week. Shocking, I know. The spring fever must be getting to the teacher too:). 

The Young Authors' Faire is here! I have a few advanced kiddos in my class that I knew would be able to work independently....and create something awesome! Normally, I do a class book with my kids to submit to the Young Authors' Faire. We just weren't at that point yet this year. I gave my advanced students the task of creating books while I continue to work with the rest of the kiddos on their writing skills. 

The kids created books about the best parts of them. Some of the things they wrote about were so adorable! They each picked five things to write about and then used the iPad to photograph each of these things. Of course, I forgot to take pictures of the final product. I promise to snap a few pictures next week! Here are a few pictures of the book making process.

The kids were so proud of the finished products! 

We also spent the week learning about Chinese New Year! We watched a couple short video clips on the traditions of Chinese New Year, read books, and created these awesome dragons! The dragons were a two day process. We painted on the first day and put everything else together the second day. The kids were super creative. There may or may not have been flying dragons all over the classroom! I like to call this controlled chaos:).

Happy Friday!