Friday, February 6, 2015

Hello February.

It's that time again....Five For Friday! I thought Friday would never get here! In my defense, I've been sick all week. But, the weekend is here {a 3-day weekend}! Time to relax!:)

We've been busy in room 16 the past couple of weeks! We made these adorable snow globes! My kiddos didn't quite know what a snow globe was at the start of our writing projects. During our writing one of my kiddos asked, "Is our snow globe taking us to The North Pole?" I love the imagination of seven year olds!

The February math centers came out this week! Don't you just love how all the kids are on task and working?! It's not always like this....I promise. I may or may not have seen math center pieces fly across the room this week. Just keepin' it real:). 
It's almost Valentine's Day! Along with the February math centers came the "February books." I read this cute lil' book to the kids and did a mini-lesson on author's purpose. It's a great book to teach the importance of friendship and working together. 
We spent some time learning about polar bears this week! The kids had fun writing their reports and putting together their polar bears.

Guess what next week is? Yep, the 100th day of school! This is big stuff in first grade! Here is a glimpse of some 100th day fun I have planned for next week!
Stay tuned for more 100th day fun!

Happy three day weekend!