Saturday, August 17, 2013

The First Week of School

The first week of school is complete! I'm going to try and enjoy my weekend without thinking too much about I'm sitting here making mental notes of things I need to pick up for my classroom this weekend. I guess we all know teachers never really stop working. 

Any-hoo, I had a lot of fun with my firsties this week! I had no idea how different first graders would be from second graders! I have to quickly share a cute little story. I had my students working on "All About Me" books this week. When it was time to clean up I said, "Stack your books (referring to the books they were making)  in the middle if your group, and I'll come pick them up." Seconds later I look over at one of the groups and they have a tower of anthologies, practice books, and folders all stacked up in the middle of their group. I asked what they were doing and why all of their books were out of their desk??? One of the kiddos says, "Teacher, you told us to stack all of our books in the middle." I laughed, and thought to myself...yes, yes I did. Moral of the story: first graders will do exactly what you say...model everything. I wish I had taken a picture of the tower of books!

Here are a few things we worked on the first week of school:

We read this cute little story on the first day of school.

We read this poem by Abby Mullins to go with it.
Of course we made Jitter Juice!

The kids LOVED it!!

What's the first day of school without cute pictures? Chalk spray paint, a ruler, and chalk markers make for some cute photo props!

We made these to go with our books.
Another one of my favorite books we read.
Elmer project. Don't mind the star-just trying to cover up the name.
Our Elmer board.

That's all for to enjoy my weekend!