Friday, August 23, 2013

What Could Be More Fun Than Painting with Marbles?

Friday is finally here! I'm sitting on my couch. Relaxing. With take out. I couldn't ask for a better Friday night. I've started coming down with a sore throat and a case of the sniffles. This is a sign that school is back in session. It just wouldn't be normal if I didn't get sick at some point during the first month of school. I guess it's time to bring on the vitamin C to fight off all these germs!

I'm enjoying my class more and more everyday! They are so cute and can come up with some of the funniest things to say. Never a full moment in room 16. This is a good thing...I enjoy laughter.

Here is a quick run down of a few things that kept us hard at work this week:

I started introducing Language Arts centers this week. This was by far the class fave!  What 6 year old doesn't love play-dough? They practice their high frequency sight words by building the word using play-dough. 

We worked a lot on color words this week. So, this book was a perfect read aloud.

Wheeew! What a project this was! Now, I know you're asking yourself what could possibly be so difficult about this?? But, when you are 6 and are given scissors, glue sticks, and crayons...things like cutting your hair and gluing the glue stick to your shirt seem like much more fun than actually doing what the teacher has asked you to do. But, we did it! The books turned out great!
The finished product-and look, the student is practicing his reading because he is so proud of his book! 
Ahhhh....painting with marbles! What excitement this created!!! It actually created one of those moments you're praying your administrator doesn't walk in and see the "organized chaos!" Haha! After learning our color words this week the kids wrote about which colors were their favorite and then used marbles to paint with those colors.

More organized chaos:).
All of our beautiful artwork!
We spent a lot of time learning the short /a/ sound this week. You know, words like M-A-T and B-A-G. I'm sitting here catching myself blending these words like I do in the classroom as I'm typing. My students have become quite the little blenders already. Impressive!
Once the kiddos were done tracing the words and drawing matching pictures we turned these into cute little books.

Off to enjoy my relaxing Friday night! Have a good weekend!