Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hoppin' Around!

It's almost Friday! Yay! An even bigger "YAY" for my students who  can now successfully add single digit numbers...all by themselves! We've spent many days hoppin' around to find the sum. Hoppin' you ask? Yes, hoppin'!

We created a number line on the floor. I wrote addition problems on the board
(4+3=__) and the students would come up to the number line and hop to find the sum. For example, if the problem was
4+3 the student would start on the 4 and take 3 hops to find the sum. Of course this was more fun than a worksheet and more importantly they got to get some wiggles out! Boy do they NEED to get those wiggles out! 

We read this story this week:
If you aren't familiar with the story, it's a great book to get the kids moving! By moving, I mean get more of those wiggles out! Are you starting to see trend? Yes, I have the "wiggliest" bunch of first graders. Each page of the story names a different animal and movement for that animal. Who doesn't love pretending to be an elephant, or a gorilla, or a giraffe:)? I haven't met a first grader yet! 

To accompany our story the kiddos chose an animal to write about. We used the same format the book used for our sentences. This was our first experience with water paints! The kids were awesome! Nobody painted their hands, or arms, or another person, or even the desks! 

Happy Thursday!