Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday Math Madness

Ahhhh....Monday is here again! The weekends always seem to go by so quickly! My weekend went by especially fast because the hubby and I spent the weekend re-doing our living room floor. 

I'm tired. 

Really tired. 

But, it was worth it. I absolutely love my new floors. My lil' firsties were so well behaved today (thankfully :)). I didn't have to drink nearly as much caffeine as I anticipated.

Here is the new floor. In case you're interested.

During the project (I forgot the before picture...but just picture old beige carpet:) ).

On to Monday math centers! My kiddos are starting to become a little more independent and I've been introducing new math centers each week. They seem to really enjoy this time of the day...especially if its their day to build play-doh numbers! 

Here's what our math centers look like:
This is the class fave! Play-doh numbers. You can pick up your own copy of these at Mrs. Wheeler's blogspot.
At this station the kids practice additions skills. They use the ears for the addends and the sum goes in the middle of the plate. Something about a cute little animal plate makes adding so much more fun:).
At this station the kids practice counting and making tally marks. Note to teachers: It's a good idea to use all colored popsicle sticks or all beige because sometimes the kiddos argue over who gets the colored sticks. For some reason the colored sticks are so much cooler.Which reminds me...I need to buy more colored sticks:).
This station is just more addition practice using manipulatives. You can pick up a copy of these awesome math mats at Confessions of a homeschooler blogspot.
Roll a dice to make a house-my new favorite station. The kids roll two dice and add up the numbers. Then they draw the picture that corresponds to that number on the house (by using the key). I plan to create these as seasonal activities. Hmmm....maybe roll a dice to decorate a pumpkin or haunted house? can pick up this one at The teeny tiny teacher's blogspot. I just love her blog!
The skip counting caterpillar!
Give me a beat addition! You can buy this activity on TPT, by Hope King. Each student has a set of cards face down, they flip two cards over, add up the numbers, write the number sentence, & the answer. More adding fun:)!
Look how hard my little firsties are working at math stations! On task students=happy teacher:)

Happy Monday!