Friday, September 27, 2013

Apple Week: Part 2

Hello Friday! I think this must be every teachers favorite day of the week. I had such a fun week with my little firsties. We had tons of apple fun! I promised a second post with the rest of this weeks apple activities. So, here it is:). 

Thursday was Johnny Appleseed Day! So, of course we HAD to make applesauce. What's Johnny Appleseed Day without the smell of cinnamon apples cooking in the classroom?

The kids mixin' up the ingredients!
The apples are finally done! This is when the fun really started...smashing the apples:). I think I may have earned the "cool teacher" award with this:).
Time to taste our cookin'
Delicious!!! They loved it:).

We continued drafting our opinion papers this week and finished up our final drafts today. I think this is the most writing my kiddos have done so far! They worked so hard all week. Despite the moans and groans about second drafts....they did it:)! "What, we have to write it ALLLL over again???"
Hard at work:)
The final copies came out awesome!

Johnny Appleseed craft in the works.
They turned out so cute:)!

Whheeeww....ok, that was a lot of apple activities:). We are done with apples. Not to worry...we'll be moving on to pumpkins and leaves and scarecrows next week. Everything fall!
Our tree got a lil' fall make-over after school:).

Happy Friday!