Friday, October 4, 2013

Noun Towns & Fall Trees!

Happy happy Friday! Here is a quick little post with what we've been up to in room 16 this week! 

This week was all about nouns! We did several activities to help the kiddos understand exactly what a noun was. My favorite were these awesome "Noun towns" the kids created. They worked in groups to create a town filled with nouns. 
Look at my lil' firsties working together so nicely:).
I LOVED that this group found a map all by themselves and decided to use it to help them create their town:).
The finished "Noun Town."
A noun flip book we made:
Since we were learning about nouns this week,  I decided to incorporate it into our writing lesson this week. The kids came up with a list of things (nouns) they can see in the fall and wrote about them. We made a cute lil' anchor chart with all their ideas...but of course I forgot to take a picture of it. I even made a mental note as I was entering grades after school to take a picture of it. I still forgot:(.

Any-hoo...after two rough drafts and some minor editing this week...this was the final product:
They were much more excited about the Q-tip painting than the writing all week:).
Lil' artist at work:)
Up-close fall tree:)
Our new bulletin board! I think the board should read, "Our teacher loves fall." It's my favorite time of year:).

I'm using this pumpkin graph to help promote positive classroom behavior this month. When the kiddos are on task, following directions, or exceeding expected behavior, I color in boxes. If the pumpkin is completely filled by October will be pumpkin party time in room 16! 
Stay tuned for the party status:)...

Happy Friday!