Saturday, October 26, 2013

We've Gone Batty!

Bats, bats, and more bats! This week we wrote about bats, read about bats, drew bats, created bats, watched bats (on a discovery clip, of course), and talked A LOT about bats! By Friday, I think we were all a little batty:)!

We started the week by reading this book and a cute lil' bat book that one of my teacher friends made (which I forgot to take a picture of). It was an awesome book that gave the kiddos lots of new information about bats!
The kids really enjoyed this book:)! We created a beginning, middle, and end chart as a class. The kids felt like the teacher when they were able to come up to the board to draw:). 

They also created their own. You can pick up a copy of this {Here} in my TPT store.

We also worked more on informational writing this week. The kids did much better with topic sentences! Yay! I created a bat chart to help us with brainstorming. As soon as I put it on the board the kids shouted out, "Look, teacher drew a bunny with fangs!" Hey, I thought it was a pretty good looking bat:). 

On Friday, the kiddos published their writing and turned it into a bat! I've never heard my class so quiet during writing time. They were very eager to create their bats!

Final draft time! The color system may look familiar to you-we are using Step Up to Writing now...which I LOVE!

This student was very proud of his bat!

The kids went wild over the glitter!!! What first grader doesn't:)?

Ready to hang up!

Our board is up just in time for Halloween! Speaking of case you are wondering about the status of our class party that I blogged about a few weeks ago:-):

I think they'll earn it by Thursday;)!

Have a great weekend!