Friday, March 28, 2014

Crunchin' On Time & A Fruity Friday!

Happy happy Friday! I am ready to kick my feet up and try to relax. It was a very busy week in room 16! Here's my Five For Friday!

We've been working so much on opinion writing this year! Most of my firsties are able to develop a clear topic sentence, supporting details, and a concluding sentence all on their own now! This week each student wrote about which fruit they think is the tastiest. They turned out pretty sweet:). Instead of creating a craft with our writing this week, we made a fruit salad! I asked that each student bring one piece of fruit to add to the salad. As you'll notice from the pictures we ended up with a lot of fruit! The kids were in the classroom before the bell rang...eager to tell me about the fruits they brought. So cute! 

Our beautiful salad!

Yes, I had a lot of chopping to do:)! Several students said, "Wow, we didn't know you were a cooker can do everything!" First graders are so adorable.

All ready to eat! They turned out pretty cute:)!

Tick tock time for clocks! My firsties can now tell time (at least to the hour and half hour)!
We created these clocks to help the kiddos get a hang of the hour and minute hand. We used them throughout the week for practice.

I also created this sheet that we used during math meeting. It helped me quickly identify the kids who needed a little more practice and which kids "got it!" You can grab this freebie along with a telling time center in my TPT store.

Yes, you knew it was coming. A craft. We can't go the entire week without a craft. My friend Jessica found this cute bunny craft! I tweaked it a bit to make it work for our math lesson!
Crunchin' on time!

Ok, I've seen so many of my Instagram friends posting about! Of course I had to check it out! It's Ahhhh-mazing! These are the best "brain breaks" I've seen yet! They are short little dances that are only about 3-4 minutes each. They get the wiggles out and the kids LOVE them! My personal favorites: Raising the Roof & The Robot!

Number five is just a little teacher humor. Funny, but so true! Happy Friday!